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These fierce fish are an amazing freshwater species and becoming quite the favourite fish to catch among repeat guests during the spring. Twisting and turning these strong fighters can put up quite the struggle to land and hold as well. They have no teeth so you don't have to worry.

Inconnu are at an all time high at Taltson, and becoming the #1 spot for the best Inconnu fishing experience in North America. Although the window to catch them is limited to June, they are not hard to find. 

Using small spin baits like the #2 Mepps during the day or Even using the Fly works best. And during the evening switching to small spoons or casting a Williams Walbur. Jigging for these fish is a common practice among local fisherman.

The average size of an Inconnu is 10-20+ pounds but locals have seen and caught 40+pounders. Catching them through-out the main channel and working along the Rock Face. Also the back side of Tower-Island and Hook Island are great spots during the evening.


You can catch walleye through-out the season at Taltson, but during the month of June the walleye numbers are just unbelievable! Catching 30+ walleye within an hour isn't unheard of at Taltson. Not only are there schools of these fish  but also tones of walleye reaching 30+inches. The Average size of a typical walleye is anywhere  from 18-22 inches. 

These excellent pan-fried fish can be found in the main channel jigging or trolling. Also fishing the front of Tower Island and around Hook Island are good places to cast or  jig. The Snuff Channel is the ultimate walleye location that Taltson has to offer. Neatly tucked away in the back bay, this creek flows from the upper section of the Taltson River into the bay. The creek itself is an average depth of 6-7feet, and has many reefs to fish from.


Water wolf

Russle Lafave.jpg

Taltson River is a 25 mile stretch before you reach the first set

of rapids with a series of islands and reefs to fish from along

the way. The average depth of this river system is 20 feet, very

good for jigging and casting big soft baits and letting them

sink to the bottom will yield positive results.


July is a stressful time for Northern Pike and during the day

they're just not active and very sluggish due to the warm temp.

Fishing the river during the afternoon is ideal for those hot

sunny days. With a much faster pace of flowing water and

deeper sections of the River make it great for pike to hangout.

Working areas such as "back-eddies" with a crank or swim baits

and areas with heavy cabbage and ribbon-grass have

hungry pike lurking.

Most of the big fish will head out to deeper much cooler water

for the day and will return in the evenings to feed. Fishing for

them in the early mornings out in the delta area is great,

working through-out the cabbage and along the rock face

with Grinders or weed-less spoons.

Fishing the main channel that flows along the rock face and

funnels into Great Slave Lake in a series of currents, offers

a lot of options. Those areas have a lot of cabbage during the

months of July-August. Casting weed-less spoons such as a

Johnson-Silver Minnow with a white tail works great. Some angler's

also troll those areas, having their lines just a few meters from

behind the boat and their lures just swimming in the prop wash

have positive results. The best lure for trying this technique would be a musky-grinder along with a trailer-hook attached. Most of the anglers that fish Taltson prefer to troll the main-channel with Bull-dawgs or a Super-Rap Shad, through-out the season.

The Back Bay is a great option during the Pre/Post Spawning period. The Bay has a sandy bottom with weed beds, grass, rocks, also a few creeks and streams that flow into it. The average depth of the bay is 3-4 feet deep, but the depths fluctuate through out the season.  Fly fishing would be the most ideal technique for anglers, because the fish during that time period are quite stressed and worn out due to the spawn and are on the look out for easy bait. 

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