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About The Lodge

Taltson Bay Big Pike Lodge is a family-owned business that Mr. Donald Balsillie established in 1987. Taltson Bay is within the First Nation's Territory known as "Akaitcho Territory".​​

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  • Taltson opens 3rd-4th week of May and closes 1st-2nd week of October 

  • The lodge can comfortably accommodate 12 guests per week. 

  • The lodge is powered by a deiseal generator which operates 6am-1pm.

  • You will have 7 days of fishing upon arrival.

  • Guided groups starts at 9am-6pm each day, with an hour lunch break. Evening fishing is optional and there's no extra charge. Note; if you do require a guide for the evening fishing, there will be a "Guide-fee" paid to the guide after the end of each outing.

  • The lodge does not sell fishing license's. You must purchase your fishing license prior to coming out. License's can be purchased online, please follow link at the Home Page. 

  • This fishing establishment operates within the guide-lines and Regulations of the Northwest Territories Fisheries Act and the GNWT's Tourism Act. And we also encourage all anglers to pinch those barbs.

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