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"For Your Chance At Catching A Fish Of A Life Time"!!!

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Taltson Bay, NT

Taltson Bay is on the southeast shore of Great Slave Lake located in Spectacular Northwest Territories. This pristine and very remote fly-in destination is considered by many angler's around the world to be one of the finest locations for many big Northern Pike.

Also gaining a reputation for excellent Walleye and Inconnu fishing experience that Great Slave Lake has to offer. Just a short lift from Yellowknife to Taltson you'll soon be casting and enjoying the beautiful outdoors and making some good memories with your family, friends and our staff.    
One of the many unique qualities that the location has to offer, during the spring the Great Slave Lake and most of the other lodges are still ice locked. Meaning from the 4th week of May and going into the 2 week of June Taltson Bay Big Pike Lodge is the "only" destination that is open for Business. Giving you the most incredible pre/post spawn Pike fishing experience anywhere in North America.




Taltson River, NT


Many of the world's finest pike anglers consider the Taltson River the premier trophy pike fishery in North America. They also tout these river fish as the thickest, most muscular, and strongest anywhere. Pike in this tributary of Great Slave Lake live to old age in these cold clear waters with an abundant food supply neatly funneled into current seams.


There is no bad week of the season for pike on the Taltson or the delta area along the southeast shore of Great Slave Lake. Casting and trolling Bull Dawgs is popular among lake anglers to connect with pike surpassing 50 inches, while river anglers downsize to Mepps Cyclops and Luhr Jensen Krocodile spoons.

-Steve Ryan - June 15, 2017

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